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The Meraki Project Locker Room is a woman's club that aims at creating a community of strong, individualistic women who empower each other through the medium of conversation.

Keeping conversation at the core of this club, we will be creating a rich program of talks, experiential dinners, workshops, mixers and networking evenings!

This club is for those women who are accepting of diverse choices, who question what society has taught us, who wake up every morning wanting the world to be a more accepting, safe, inclusive and feminist place for future generations!

How do I become a member?

First, self-select yourself as a kind, aware, empowering bomb-ass woman. We'd like to get to know you so please fill out the form below to apply. Post that, our founder will get on a video call with you to get to know you better. Every application will be thoroughly vetted to ensure that the member as well as the clubs purpose is aligned. The club is currently only functional in Hyderabad. We are hoping to bring Locker Room to other cities in 2023. 

Membership fees:

Rs. 5,000/month for a 6 month sign up 

Rs. 4,500/month for a 12 month sign up

We want to make sure that our club is inclusive, not exclusive, so we have EMI payment models set up for those who would like to avail that option.



Access to 1 specially curated workshop each month :

Our workshops are conceptual, inspiring and curated with a lot of thought and care!

We pick a topic and create an experience around it. The topics vary from body image to gender to 

women's health to healing to feminism, to any topic that we feel resonates with the members as well

as topics that are usually considered hush-hush by society. We also organise workshops

that help your businesses grow and help you get access to experts in your field!

Member meet-ups every month:

Twice every month, we plan member meet-ups. These meet-ups are

 about getting to know one another, unwinding and getting away from our responsibilities

and hassle of everyday life. They help form friendships and connections

that hopefully last a lifetime!


Access to a community of incredible, brilliant, smart and interesting women:

You gain access to a strong community of women who will root for you and

stand by you through everything! You will have access to a PDF of all the members details.

Access to Locker Room WhatsApp Group to network and connect:

The Locker Room Whatsapp group will help members connect and empower one another.

It will also be a space where members can network and get to know one another better! 

We will keep you engaged by sharing inspiring, thought provoking and

sometimes mindless hilarious content on the group!

Be a part of TMP Locker Room Business Networking Newsletter:

We send out a monthly newsletter to all our subscribers, primarily focused on helping amplify the

businesses and achievements of our members. If you need help with your business - are looking

to hire or advertise a new product or service, this would be the space to do it!


Thankyou for submitting, we will get back to your shortly!



The club is growing and evolving and we are excited for what's to come in 2023!

In 2022 our workshops were primarily focused on self growth, healing, self love and empowerment. It was beautiful connecting with you and learning and growing together over sound healing workshops, body kindness sessions, dance and movement therapy and endless honest conversations! 


In 2023 we want to continue to build on this while also adding mentorship and business empowerment to the mix. We would like to connect you to experts in the industry, fly them down to the city, so that you get a chance to sit with them in person, feel inspired and mentored by the right people, and have access to their knowledge and help. Whether you run a business or not, knowledge is priceless and you never know where interactions like these take you!


2023 is going to be a mix of both these formats, a 70-30 breakup, one focusing on building stronger relationships with like minded women, healing and growing hand in hand with each other and the other focused on building our empires, and pushing ourselves to expand our knowledge, perspectives and connections!


The club's primary mission is, and always will be, to help women connect on a deeper level, to help them feel a sense of belonging in a world where it otherwise can seem lonely, and hopefully bring about change first within ourselves and then with those around us! 

Cannot wait to meet you!


Lets together empower, inspire women, one city at a time!

Sonali Pamnani Jhabakh

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