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How do I become a member?

First, self-select yourself as a kind, aware, empowering bomb-ass woman and then fill out the form below. We'd like to get to know you so please fill out as many details as possible below. We will get back to you in a couple of days about your application. 

Membership costs

Rs. 1,500 + GST per month, and initial contract is a compulsory 

3 month period and is payable through Gpay.

It is simple to set up, leaves you in control of payments, and we will guide you through how to do it, once your application has been accepted.

Do I need to be based in India?

No. We welcome every single woman, or person identifying as female, 

regardless of where you reside. You need to however be between the ages 23-40.

Event Attendance:

50% attendance during your 3 month membership is mandatory,

out of respect to our speakers.

I hope you have read our club rules!

Thankyou for submitting, we will get back to your shortly!

Access to 3 specially curated digital events keeping your interests in mind:

Each month, TMP Locker Room will be curating 3 unique events that will be

created keeping in mind it's members' interests. The events will be in the form of 

online workshops, webinars, group discussions and wine nights!

First to know about any other webinars happening:

We will be on the lookout for interesting, engaging and informative webinars and keep you in

the loop about them on our clubs' WhatsApp and Slack forum.

Networking and Connecting with Like Minded People:

You gain access to a strong community of women, globally, who will root for you and stand

by you through everything happening right now.

Access to TMP Locker Room Private WhatsApp & Slack Group:
With everything happening around us right now, now more than ever, we need

a sense of belonging and normalcy. This group of likeminded women have your back!

You will be added to a Whatsapp group + Slack Forum that would have all TMP Locker Room

members on it. The Whatsapp group will help members connect, network and empower one another.

It will also be a space where members can network and help one another's businesses

grow in the current uncertain climate!

We will be in charge of sharing inspiring thought provoking content and sometimes

mindless hilarious content on these channels.




The Power Of Conversation

We believe that change can be brought about when you have honest & open conversations. Remember that you can disagree by all means, but respect the opinion of fellow members and keep it good-natured.

Speak Up

We have always been taught to not speak up, to suppress our thoughts and remain silent. We urge you to speak out & speak out loud. To share your stories  and use this space to empower and support one another.

Nothing is Off The Table

Words like periods, sex, masturbation etc were always "off-limit topics", but here we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, test your limits and talk about absolutely anything you like.

Judgement Free Zone

As women, we are always under this ever-present watchful eye. Our every action is met with harsh judgement. But here at TMP Locker Room, we provide you with a judgement-free zone,

where you can be completely you.

All For One, One For All

Society has conditioned us for years to see each woman as a threat, a competition, a peg we need to knock down. It's time to come together, support & respect one another & have each others' back.

Acceptance Regardless Of Your Choices

 As women, we find it really hard to find a space where we feel like we truly belong and accepted wholeheartedly. We’ve often faced discrimination on the choices we make, whether we choose to stay at home, be career oriented, decide to have kids or choose not to, we have been alienated based on our choices. But we accept you regardless of what you choose and what you believe in. Every single woman is welcome into this group, and loved regardless of your choices.

It's Time To Take The Spotlight Back

Our lives & every aspect of it has always been steered by the men we know. Society has always reserved attention, appreciation & importance only for the men in this world and it’s time we take that back.

 This group is to help us prioritize ourselves and our grievances and give ourselves the permission to be selfish and shower ourselves with the importance we know we deserve.

We Respect Your Privacy

We aim to build a trustworthy support system where we all are protected and entitled to our privacy. We’d encourage to keep conversations between members private and not be circulated outside the club.


TMP Locker Room reserves the right to terminate a member should a member go against the rules

or the spirit of the club.

Just Have Fun!

We are always expected to take ourselves seriously, be coy & shy and just sit pretty. Fuck that.

Just have fun, don't take yourself too seriously, and be loud and noisy, and everything you want to be.

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