TMP loves Rosa Blues' art. She takes inspiration from things people say and project on others. The first three photos are from her photo series titled "Don't".
It's about bringing to light the pressures put on men, and how society expects them to behave a certain way. If you remove the word "don't" from them, it changes the meaning altogether. The Photographs are so simple yet so powerful, and brings to life the societal pressures put on men.

The second project of hers, that we love, is titled "Handle With Care"
It's about exploring and depicting, through art, derogatory comments that you and I have heard multiple times. These sexist comments are hurled at us over and over again without thought or understanding. Rora's photos aim to capture these comments and the pressures women face in society. Her work is unapologetic and  much unabashedly beautiful.


Images taken from her website
Check out her work here

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