Cécile Dormeau

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Cecile Dormeau is a French artist with an incredible talent to reveal the beauty of real women. She illustrates them performing mundane everyday tasks, and draws out situations that celebrates imperfections. Her work clubs vulnerability along with humour, making it more acceptable and visually stimulating. 
“I just draw what is around me in my daily life,” she tells The Independent. “All the observations I make in my drawings are about my feelings. The late-nights and drunk talks I have with friends, my sister's craziness, the people I happen to see on the street, or something I've read. “I like drawing things which are not often brought out in the daylight, like hidden actions or details that we are too ashamed to share. I draw taboos. I want to celebrate imperfection.” 

Scroll down to have a look of some of our favourites.



*excerpts taken from The Independent. Find the full interview here.
Images taken from Cécile Dormeau

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